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All Ears is coordinated by Jelle de Vries (25) and Elin Swaan (23). Both of them are master's students, with a background in psychology. Jelle studies Clinical Psychology and Elin studies Business Administration & Organisational Psychology. Together they make sure the initiative runs smoothly from day to day. In addition, they are responsible for contact with volunteers, the university and other external partners. 

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Welcome to the team of All Ears. All students that volunteer for All Ears are psychology students of the University of Amsterdam, second year or higher. The team consists of +/- 40 volunteers, and is a very diverse group of people, from all over the world. Without their enthusiasm and effort, this project wouldn’t be possible!

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In 2021, Merel Roseboom and Elin Swaan came up with the idea of All Ears. They were two third year psychology students from the University of Amsterdam, who met at the lecture halls of A.001. They noticed that students were experiencing feelings of loneliness and sadness due to the current pandemic. Combined with their knowledge of how well psychology students can listen, they came up with this idea to help other students. They know the feeling of wanting to talk to someone else very well, and also know that just talking about something can make a huge difference. 

Together they coordinated the project for 1,5 years, after which Jelle de Vries took over the position of Merel, who went to travel abroad. Elin still works for All Ears.

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